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TheHillA Vision For a Safer, More Balanced Web:

How Far Are We Willing to Go to Achieve Cyber Security?



From the Post Office to the Private Web: Building a Strong Global Society


Stop Rule 41

Wickr Foundation joined tech leaders and civil rights advocates in opposing the changes to Rule 41, which would radically expand government’s authority to hack into citizens’ computers, take data, and engage in remote surveillance.

These changes could impact any person using a computer with Internet access anywhere in the world. However, they will disproportionately impact people using privacy-protective technologies, including Tor and VPNs.

Open Letter to ICANN

In July 2015, The Wickr Foundation joined major international digital rights groups in an open letter to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. We strongly oppose an initiative requiring “commercial website” owners to display their address under their WHOIS data. Broadly defined, this prevents millions of site owners from safeguarding their private information. We strongly oppose the Working Group’s proposal, which will physically endanger many domain owners and disproportionately impact those who come from marginalized communities.

The Messaging App That Fights Dictators

Nico Sell

Low-tech ways you can protect your privacy online

“Resistance is not futile if you are not aiming for 100-percent perfection,” says Nico Sell, founder of Wickr Foundation and organizer of hacker conference Def Con. Here are some low-tech tips to reduce your digital footprint and exposure.